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JACA was formed in 1999 and was one of the organizers of the first Caribbean Summer Festival in Charlotte in 2000. This group consists of enterprising individuals whose primary focus is to provide educational scholarships and supplies to children in Charlotte and Jamaica.

JACA meets the third Sunday of every month and is a very inclusive organization. In addition to scholarship initiatives, JACA holds social events throughout the year to promote cultural awareness in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

Annual Membership:

Individuals $20.00

Family $35.00



To provide educational support for the children of Jamaican, Caribbean and African American descent living in Charlotte, Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean.

To contribute to local and international charities in the area of education and healthcare.

To provide a medium to expose the Charlotte community to unique Caribbean culture.

To assist new Caribbean residents of the USA in integrating in the Caribbean Community in Charlotte, NC.

To promote a community for people of Caribbean descent to connect on a regular basis.


Provide educational scholarships and assist deserving students in Charlotte as well as Jamaica

Provide assistance to schools in underserved communities in Charlotte and the Caribbean

Promote Jamaican and Caribbean cultural awareness in the Charlotte Metropolitan area

Bring the Caribbean Community together through various social fundraisers

Promote unity through cultural understanding

Provide a meeting place for new and existing Caribbean residents in Charlotte to get acquainted.

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