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JACA Outreach

JACA is not only focused on providing scholarships to students locally and in Jamaica but has embarked on several outreach missions in Jamaica. The primary purpose of the outreach is to provide technology equipment to as many schools as possible in Jamaica. JACA has provided computers, projectors and projector screens to several schools in Jamaica. We believe by providing technology equipment, children in underserved communities will have better access to their lessons and will get an opportunity to interact with the outside world. We also have helped on special projects like infrastructure rebuilding, playgrounds and providing lunch to under-served children.

Kingston High School

Our most recent project that we have embarked on is a summer camp for approximately 45 children who attend Kingston High School. We are excited about this project because it gives us the opportunity to work directly with a significant number of students and keep them off the streets and away from abusive environment for almost the entire summer. Most of these children are athletically gifted and so we are coordinating with the Football Coach, Kevin Brown to —-this program.

Vaughansfield Primary

In 2014, we provided Vaughansfield Elementary with technology equipment and also assisted in building a playground for the children as well as provide a water tank for them to get clean water. This school is in a remote area of Montego Bay and it was a very rewarding project to work with the Principal, Ms. Porter at Vaughnsfield Primary.

Old Harbour High

In 2012 – 2013, we awarded several computers to Old Harbour High and Franklin Town Primary Schools. In addition to the computers, four deserving students of Old Harbour were awarded scholarships to assist them with the cost of the CXC examinations. These students were well-deserving of the scholarships and all achieved more 8 passes in the CXC exams.

Other Jamaican Outreach Missions

  • Helped build a pre-kindergarten Facility in Jamaica

  • Provided over $5,000 of technology equipment to Ocho Rios Primary School

  • Provided scholarships for more than 10 students in Jamaica to complete their CXC Examinations

  • Provided individual scholarships to more than 10 students in   Jamaica to help with their educational needs

  • Provided funds to the American Red Cross and Yelee Haiti, to assist in the Haitian Relief Project

  • Provided scholarships to students at Jamaica College

  • Provided over $2,000 of technology equipment to Duncan’s Primary School

  • Computers to MicoPractising School, Happy Grove High School in Port Antonio & DE Torres Elementary

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